J F Getty 

MEET THE MAKER: James Getty - that's me - a 75-year-old self-taught artist, lino printmaker and analog notebook lover living with my daughter and her family in Flower Mound, TX. I moved from Pennsylvania, where I had lived most of my life, to Flower Mound in November 2020 because of COVID. Enough said about the effects of the pandemic.

I owned various businesses since the late 1970s, most recently Image Wizard, a 28-year-old Lancaster, PA screen printing and embroidery business I bought in 2002 and sold in 2019.

Once in Texas, I started my lino printing journey. I love the nature of visual storytelling through hand printing. Look at my handmade items on my web site (link in bio) to see if there is a story that grabs you. 

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