Traveler's Notebooks

What is a Traveler’s Notebook?

It’s a leather portfolio notebook that you can slip individual notebooks and journals into. Each leather cover holds 4-6 notebooks inside it. Instead of having ONE planner, I can have 4-6 different notebooks inside each cover that all contain something different. 

Traveler’s notebooks are called a ton of different things: Traveler’s journals, Midori notebooks (technically a brand but people use Midori to indicate a Traveler’s notebook the same way people use Kleenex to indicate a tissue), fauxdoris, and more. They all essentially refer to the same thing. 

The thing to look out for however, is that Traveler’s notebooks and their inserts some in many assorted styles and sizes. So, when ordering notebooks to go inside, it’s important to make sure you know what size fits. 

The standard traveler's notebook size is 8.25 inches by 4.25 inches. You can look on the internet for a description of all the other sizes or go here.

You can then stick your daily calendar, a brain dump book, a notebook for your lists, or your bullet journal or sketching (or any other kind of notebook you like), so that you have everything you always need with you. If you can never find “the perfect notebook” for every purpose, the Traveler’s notebook might be for you.

Stringing these notebooks together is quick and easy, and it feels like magic when everything comes together. You are creating a thick, awesome, customized notebook with 3-6 different sections/notebooks. All these can have different uses, papers (any combination of grid paper, plain papers, colored paper and so on) and content. Once one is full, you switch it out for a new one, while keeping the other notebooks and staying within the same “system”.

What is an Insert Combo?

In our store we offer a leather Traveler’s Notebook Cover without inserts. The Insert Combos are a laminated dashboard plus two notebooks plus a connecting elastic band. You can then purchase any range of combos and put them in your leather cover. Or if you already have a Traveler’s cover, you can purchase just the combo to improve your existing notebook.

6 Ways you can use notebook inserts:

  1. As a Planner.
  2. As a Gratitude Journal.
  3. As a Bullet Journal
  4. As an Invention Notebook.
  5. As a Commonplace Book.
  6. As a Diary.

If you have any questions about our selection of insert combos or Traveler’s Notebooks in general, please send me an email.

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